AutoLISP: Purge Missing SHX files

If you have drawings that are constantly missing SHX (shape) files, the routine posted below is now your friend.

The routine was posted in the LISP forum at CADTutor at the following link. Please refer questions there.

Here’s how:

  • PSHX <enter>

The result in the command line will show how many unresolved shape files were removed from the drawing.

Missing SHX 1 Missing SHX2Thanks for sharing this routine Kheylan

;; posted by: Kheylan
;; Downloaded from CADTutor forum

(defun C:PSHX ()

  (vlax-for item
           (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object))
    (vl-filename-extension (setq fname (vla-get-fontfile item)))
       (setq fname (strcat fname ".shx"))
    (cond ((findfile fname) nil)
      ((findfile (strcat (getenv "WINDIR") "\\FONTS\\" fname))
       (vla-put-fontfile item "ltypeshp.shx")
       (princ "\nChange ")
       (princ fname)
       (princ " on ltypeshp.shx")
;(princ "\nPurge unreferenced shape files, Lisp Command : PSHX")
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