AutoLISP: ATTWIPE Clear Selected Attribute Values

Here is one that lets you easily clear the selected attribute tag(s).

This is especially helpful for when you are editing titleblocks that have populated attributes or when you copy a block (symbol) that already has attribute values already populated.

Here’s how:

(After loading of coarse)

  • ATTWIPE [enter]
  • Select the individual attributes that you would like to clear…
  • hit [enter] when finished to end the routine



;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; AttWipe - © 2005 by Chuck Chauvin
;; Posted at:;all
;; Clears (wipes) the value of a selected attribute
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defun C:AttWipe (/ AttSel AttLoc)
  (defun *error* (msg)
    (princ "\nInvalid selection.")
  );_ end defun *error*

  (defun SelectIt (msg)
  (setq AttLoc (cadr (setq AttSel (entsel (strcat "\nPick " msg " to wipe: ")))))
    );_ end defun SelectIt

  (defun WipeIt (/)
    (command "-attedit" "y" "" "" "" AttLoc "" "v" "r" "" "n")
    );_ end defun WipeIt

  (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
  (SelectIt "attribute")
  (while AttSel
    (SelectIt "next attribute")
    (if	(= (type AttSel) 'list)
      (setq AttSel nil)
      ) ;_ end if
    ) ;_ end while
  );_ end defun AttWipe
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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