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Express Tool: Save All Opened Drawings

If you have multiple drawings opened in AutoCAD at the same time and would like to save all the drawings before stepping away from your computer… you can easily save all the currently open drawings with one command. Note: If … Continue reading

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Express Tool: EXPLAN – Improved PLAN command

The PLAN command is commonly used in 3D to get your view back to “home” and squared up so that you are looking down onto your drawing. It is also helpful when working in 2D drawings and the view has … Continue reading

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Change Text Justification and Retain Position

The default functionality of changing the justification of text through the Properties Palette or by changing the properties in the “Edit Text” contextual ribbon will in fact change the justification. But it will also re-position the text based on the new justification … Continue reading

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Load Express Tools for 2013

This post works the same for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture. Upon installing AutoCAD you may not have installed the Express Tools… Here is how to load them: Click Start Click “Control Panel” Click on “Programs and Features” Note: if you … Continue reading

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Turn Shape Objects into Blocks

If you have a drawing that contains shape objects and then you try to send that drawing to someone else, those shape objects will be missing from their drawing. Today’s tip features an Express Tool called SHP2BLK which simply lets … Continue reading

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Saved per Drawing or in the Registry…n-the-registry/ I have previously mentioned the System Variable dialog box [here] and I mentioned in another post that some system variables are either stored in a drawing or in the system registry [here]. But I just realized that the System Variable Dialog … Continue reading

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Express Tools: Make Line Type

I knew that the Make Line Type tool existed in the Express Tools but trying to figure them out on your own is incredibly frustrating. I finally saw them in action and they totally make sense now. Here’s how for … Continue reading

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Using Burst To Explode a Block

I ran into a problem today and thought that I’d share it here because I found a solution. I have a dynamic block of a door that I needed to explode and then trim. But every time I tried to … Continue reading

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Express Tools for AutoCAD Architecture 2012

Inspired by a comment from Daniel in the same post for AutoCAD Arch 2011, I thought that I should walk through the complete steps as they seem to work more permanently than the simple tip that I initially suggested. Once … Continue reading

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Express Tool: Replace Block

Have you ever needed to replace a block throughout your drawing? Here is an Express Tool that will make your life a lot easier: (WARNING: this globally replaces the block that you select and you may lose the block if … Continue reading

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